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Traffic Tickets

What do I do if I receive a traffic citation?

Traffic Tickets Lawyer, FL

If you receive a traffic citation, you have three options. You must exercise one of them within 30 days of the issuance of the citation:

  1. You can opt to pay the citation. You WILL receive points on your license though, if the ticket carries points.
  2. You can choose to dispute the citation and request a court date. At the court date you can plea to the citation and resolve it or have a trial.
  3. You can opt to pay the citation and attend a driver improvement course at an authorized school. Attending the school has the effect of withholding adjudication. Therefore, you will not receive points on your license. Your driving record will show that adjudication was withheld by the Clerk of the Court. BE CAREFUL, you can only elect to go to driving school so many times in a year and so many times in your lifetime.

Traffic citations can harm your reputation, affect your car insurance rates and possible affect your job status, especially if your primary work task involves operating a motor vehicle or a commercial vehicle.  Even one traffic ticket can adversely affect any of these issues.  It is important to take action and consult an attorney who will be able to advise you of your rights and offer you advice as to the best way to proceed.

***If You Do Not Take Action Within 30 Days Your License Will Be Suspended***

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Traffic tickets can be a financial burden as well as drive up your insurance costs.  It can also lead to points on your license.  We handle all types of Pinellas County traffic tickets including speeding tickets, red light running tickets, moving violations, and any other motor vehicle traffic ticket.

When you receive a traffic ticket you can either pay the ticket and suffer the points added on your license, increased insurance, fines or traffic school, or you can choose to fight back.  You won’t even have to appear in court.  We handle the hearing for you.  We at McGuire Law Offices can help you.

We charge a nominal fee of $69 with no additional or hidden costs.  Call us today for a free, initial consultation.  Don’t let your traffic ticket ruin your day or your financial future.



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