Criminal Law

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In Florida, if you’ve been stopped, detained, or arrested by a law enforcement officer, you need to know your rights and have those rights protected if they were violated.  As a former police officer, I am familiar with all aspects of police procedures including stops and arrests.

If you’ve been arrested, there are many aspects of the law that need to be considered.  Was there probable cause to stop you?  If you were questioned or arrested, were you Mirandized properly?  Were you the victim of an illegal search or seizure?

Florida law concerning crimes is classified into two distinct categories:  misdemeanors and felonies.  Misdemeanors or felony convictions can permanently alter your life making it more difficult to secure a job, find housing, or obtain credit.  While you are presumed innocent until proven guilty, the prosecutors will work aggressively to obtain a conviction.  You need an aggressive, experienced Florida criminal attorney to defend your rights.  Convictions can be appealed but they are expensive and the presumption of guilt after a conviction is difficult to reverse.  A good criminal defense lawyer will investigate all aspects of your case including police procedure in order to defend you in court.

When you contact me, these are just some of the issues I will discuss with you and investigate thoroughly.  You have legal rights and there are usually options to consider.


If you are arrested for a DUI, it’s serious. Florida laws are tough on those driving under the influence of alcohol, chemicals including prescription drugs, or illegal drugs. Driving or actual physical control of a vehicle...


In the state of Florida, criminal actions are classified as either felonies or misdemeanors. The essential differences between the two concern the length of incarceration and the place of incarceration...


When you’ve been charged with a misdemeanor, it may be convenient or comforting to think “at least it’s not a felony.” Yet, misdemeanors are still criminal charges which may affect your present and future...


Your criminal history record can cause problems for you in many ways. It can prevent you from obtaining certain jobs. Many employers run background checks on all potential employees...

Traffic Tickets

Traffic citations can harm your reputation, affect your car insurance rates and possible affect your job status, especially if your primary work task involves operating a motor vehicle or a commercial vehicle...

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