Mother of 1-Year-Old Killed in Car Crash Gets Prison and She Wasn’t Driving

Brittany Stephens, a passenger in the vehicle hit by a speeding off-duty cop, has been sentenced to prison for negligent homicide.  Stephens 1-year-old was killed in the crash.  The cop was driving 94 mph, 44 mph above the speed limit.  He was also charged with negligent homicide.  Christopher Manuel, already released on a $15,000 bond, is on paid administrative leave, according to WBRZ. The Baton Rouge Police Department said it is still looking into the crash.

The mother was a passenger in the vehicle that was struck but she’s been charged and sent to prison because she didn’t properly secure her child’s car seat.  In my opinion, that’s an outrage.  And the cop is out on bail.

C. Denise Marcelle, a Democratic state representative, told The Advocate that she “was in shock” when she heard Stephens was facing criminal charges after her daughter died in a crash.

“I’m a little concerned when we start (arresting) people, especially since she wasn’t driving, with such an offense,” Marcelle told the newspaper. “It’s a bit far reaching to me.”

The charges involving the mother are excessive and one can only wonder if a cop wasn’t involved would she be treated this way.

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