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The Catholic Church an International Criminal Enterprise?

The Catholic Church an International Criminal Enterprise?

Before you dismiss the title of this post as hyperbole, you have to read Rod Dreher’s piece today.  Dreher, a former Catholic and a journalist, is like a dog with a bone.  He was tracking the McCarrick story decades ago but couldn’t find anyone who would go on the record with him.  Now, the flood gates have opened.  “James”, the man who spoke to the NY Times about McCarrick’s abuse spoke with Dreher and told him some details that should make your skin crawl.

He says that McCarrick, who had quit having sexual relations with him, prevailed upon Cardinal Bernard Law to get him into a Boston halfway house for released prisoners transitioning back to the mainstream. He says he was visited by two priests he describes as “thugs,” on what he believes was a mission from Cardinal Law to intimidate him into silence. James alleges that one of those priests was Father Paul Shanley, who later went to jail for child rape after the Boston scandal broke in 2002. The other priest, Father Bill Cummings, put his hands down James’s pants and warned him that he was never to say a word about what had happened between him and McCarrick.

Father Cummings told James that he would henceforth be his spiritual father, and that he was to start attending his parish, so he could keep an eye on him. Father Cummings was an accused molester who died in 1994, shortly after telling his congregation that he was sick with AIDS.  After Cummings died, James decided to leave Catholicism for good.

International criminal enterprise?  Go ahead and Google “Chilean Catholic priest abuse” and see what you find.  While you’re at it, check out Ireland, Italy, Austria, Germany.  I could go on but once you check out these references, you’ll find the point is made.

I’m a Catholic.  Have been one all my life.  I taught CCD in my parish.  But what the fuck?

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