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Highways from Hell-20 Most Dangerous Roads in Hillsborough County

Highways from Hell-20 Most Dangerous Roads in Hillsborough County

Hillsborough County is a densely populated, some would say overgrown, neighbor whose roadways are fraught with danger and accidents.  All the new construction doesn’t make matters any better.  Recently, the Tampa Bay Times published an article listing the 20 most dangerous roads in the county.  If you drive them on a regular basis, you already know the dangers and pitfalls.  In spite of efforts to alleviate the traffic jams and hazards, some areas remain dangerous.  Take for instance, the I-275/I-4 interchange.  It has twists and turns with merging traffic from other roads.  It’s listed as #14 as most dangerous. Having driven that stretch of road, I’d disagree but the facts tell a different story.

It only gets worse when you consider we’re entering football season and the traffic around Raymond James and USF at the northern stretch of I-275 can cause some real headaches.  Aggressive drivers, road rage, and drivers who are unfamiliar with the area make for a dangerous soup of potential danger and accidents.

If you’re coming to Tampa from the south, the alternative is taking the Gandy which will land you in south Tampa and you can take the Selmon Expressway.  It’s a relatively safe drive with fewer reported accidents.  Beware of police looking to catch speeders, though.  If you’re coming from the north, you can take either the Courtney Campbell Causeway or State Road 580. Both have their drawbacks due to heavy traffic but they’re safer than the Howard Franklin speedway and I-275, especially the bottleneck as you approach the airport exit.

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