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Florida Divorce It Can Be Complicated

Florida Divorce It Can Be Complicated

complicationsThe decision to file a divorce petition in Florida is a big step but it’s not the last difficult decision you’ll have to make.  In fact, it’s just the beginning.  However, an experienced Florida divorce lawyer can guide you through the unchartered and sometimes choppy waters.  In Florida, there is an entire statute (Chapter 61) which deals with divorce and the subsequent issues that may arise.

Once the petition has been filed with the court, there are numerous issues which have to be resolved.  It’s never easy to untangle marital life, even if it hasn’t been a long-term relationship.  While divorce proceedings are much like life-you never can fully anticipate everything that comes up, I can help you with some of these issues.

Child custody is probably the largest, most difficult issue that has to be resolved in Florida divorce cases. As it should, the court will always try to determine what is best for the children.  Issues such as where they’ll live, where they’ll attend school, church, or where they will spend holidays are all issues that should be expected.  Divorce also makes it necessary to decide who will make medical decisions for the kids or which church or synagogue they will attend, if any.

Assets and debts are another major issue in a divorce than can lead to complications and conflict.  Fortunately, Florida law will guide such outcomes.  Besides these primary issues, there are others which can complicate a divorce-who gets the vehicles? Which spouse lives in the house during the case? How will we operate the family business? Who gets the pets? Can the children be relocated?  Who pays the bills during the case?

This may seem daunting but it is always better to go into divorce with your eyes wide open and your expectations realistic.  An experienced Florida divorce lawyer will help you step-by-step deal with all of these issues.  Please call me for a free initial divorce consultation.

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