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Filing for Bankruptcy Isn’t a Crime

Filing for Bankruptcy Isn’t a Crime

united-states-bankruptcy-court-middle-district-of-floridaBankruptcy is governed by federal law in the United States and provides a legal way to resolve financial disputes between debtors and creditors.  Yet, very often those who are considering filing bankruptcy often feel ashamed and embarrassed by their financial crisis.  To make matters worse, creditors may treat them like criminals, threatening them and their families.

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy as an option, here are a few things to consider to put the matter in its proper context.  Many famous and successful people have filed for bankruptcy or found themselves insolvent.  I’m not talking about Donald Trump either.  Did you know at least four US presidents found themselves in similar straits?  It’s true, Abraham Lincoln (on more than one occasion), Ulysses S. Grant, Thomas Jefferson, and William McKinley either had to file for bankruptcy or experienced such extreme financial hardship that if they lived today, they would have been in bankruptcy court.

It’s not only presidents that have faced this crisis.  Henry Ford, Walt Disney, and Milton Hershey all faced difficult financial times.

The moral of the stories-if you’re facing hard times and considering filing bankruptcy you’re not alone.  You need to make some tough decisions but with the help of an experienced, compassionate Florida bankruptcy attorney, you can make it through these tough times.

Locally, bankruptcy proceedings take place at the United States Bankruptcy Court Middle District of Florida in Tampa, Florida.  I have represented many bankruptcy clients in this court and I’ve found that their tag line “Our court serves the public by processing and deciding bankruptcy cases with fairness, impartiality, and excellence, while treating everyone with dignity, integrity and respect” is true.

If you’re facing tough financial times and don’t know where to turn, the legal system affords you an opportunity to start over without the harassing creditor phone calls.  I can say with confidence that the bankruptcy court in Tampa will give you a fair hearing and a new lease on life.

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