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Charged with Abuse of the Elderly?

Charged with Abuse of the Elderly?


Florida statute, §825.102 makes it a criminal offense, a first degree felony, in fact, for anyone who is found committing either physical or emotional abuse or neglect of an elderly person. With such a large population of retirement-age individuals in our state, either living on their own or in an assisted-living facility, there is a chance that someone, either a family member or a health care practitioner may make a claim of elder abuse.

If you have found yourself in the midst of a criminal investigation in an accusation of this type, remain calm and do your best not to discuss anything related to the allegations until you seek legal representation. Anything said or done, during any type of investigation, can be used to incriminate an individual, even those who were wrongly accused.

Call McGuire Law Offices to obtain legal counsel immediately if you are in the midst of a criminal investigation into elder abuse charges.


Alleged victims in the crime of elder abuse are typically given the most sympathetic light in the eyes of juries and the courtroom. Prosecutors hone in on this in an attempt to gain favor for their side. There are various degrees to which the case will be examined, including taking into account the severity of the harm inflicted.

By law, abuse is defined as the following:

  1. An act done intentionally with the expected result of inflicting psychological damage or physical injury to an elderly person.
  2. An act done intentionally to physically or psychologically harm an elderly person.
  3. Encouraging a third party to act or intentionally engage in an act with the expected result or actual physical or psychological harm committed against an elderly person.

This is when you will need our support at McGuire Law Offices This is precisely when you need your Clearwater criminal defense lawyer who will listen to your side of the story, be your voice in the courtroom, and review the details of the case. This will include speaking with witnesses, looking at all data in discovery, researching the medical records—everything related to your case. Our in-depth strategies for defense play a vital role in obtaining a favorable outcome for you.

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