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If you have a criminal record, there are a few things that you should know. First, an arrest will stay on your criminal record, even if the end result of the case was a dismissal. Having an arrest on your record can negatively impact job and educational opportunities, as well as some loans. However, there is action that you can take in order to clear your criminal record, and this is called “expungement”.

An attorney from our firm can help you understand your options in regards to sealing or expunging your criminal record and can evaluate your situation in order to determine whether you qualify. It costs nothing for your initial evaluation with an attorney at our firm, and we represent clients throughout Florida. Throughout our years of practice, our attorneys have been successful in assisting hundreds of clients in sealing or expunging their criminal records. This allows these people to move on with their lives and get a much-needed fresh start.


There is a difference between expungement and sealing a criminal record. Sealing a criminal record means that the public cannot access it, but particular government entities, such as those listed in s. 943.059(4)(a)Florida Statutes, will have access to the sealed record in its entirety. Government entities will have access to expunged records but will need to obtain a court order in order to have access to the record itself. They will only be informed that the record had been expunged and will need to get a court order to view the information in the record.


Not all records are able to be expunged. A list of these offenses which do not qualify for expungement are listed in S.907.041, F.S. It is best to consult a lawyer in order to find out whether you may qualify for expungement and what to expect as your record is being sealed or expunged. Contact McGuire Law offices today and let us help you.

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