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When Divorce Leads to Bankruptcy

When Divorce Leads to Bankruptcy

Often people discover too late how much damage a divorce can have on their financial health. As a result, an unbelievable number of people will be put into a position of filing for bankruptcy within only a year after their divorce.

The aftermath of a divorce can leave people who may have never imagined needing a bankruptcy attorney suddenly facing unmanageable debt. Even if you have never even owned a credit card, Florid law says that you may suddenly be responsible for part of a former spouse’s credit card, car, or even medical debt. And, if your former spouse were to file for bankruptcy, creditors may even choose to come after you for repayment.

What tends to make the issue even more complex is that that divorce can lead to a lot of nondischargeable debt, such as spousal or child support, which a bankruptcy cannot change. If you are facing seemingly insurmountable financial challenges, our experienced bankruptcy lawyers can help.

Through a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy we may be able to help you:

  • Stop creditor harassment
  • Reduce or eliminate dischargeable debt
  • Protect your home from foreclosure
  • Handle complex tax issue
  • Get the debt relief you need to move forward

Divorce and the debts associated with it can be a very complex area of bankruptcy law, and it’s important to talk with an attorney who understands the challenges you face. If you are in debt because of a divorce, contact McGuire Law Offices online or by phone to schedule a free complimentary consultation.

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