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When a Child Gets in Trouble

When a Child Gets in Trouble

Everyone knows that kids goof off or get in trouble. Children and young adults are often charged with state or even federal crimes. Sometimes the kids are having fun with their friends, but sometimes they have simply become part of the wrong crowd, doing things that are all too common in society. The laws for children are very different than for adults.

Common charges for young adults include: Theft: whether petit theft or grand theft, DUI: can be juvenile or just underage, battery/assault: whether you got in a fight with friends or attacked on the street, narcotics: drug charges are extremely consequential as a minor, concealed weapons: whether you have pepper spray in your pocket or even a firearm, “obstruction”: you can very easily talk yourself into handcuffs with the police.

It is very common that the police approach kids for simply questions or maybe just a ticket. You may not be in trouble when they walk up, but you can certainly talk your way into trouble. Talking back to the police is never a good idea, children all too often will start criticizing the police of calling them names, which can lead to a very bad situation. Everything is different as a child, for instance, did you know that being convicted of possession of any type of narcotic will lead to a mandatory suspension of your license? Another disturbing fact is that if a child is charged with certain crimes, they can be kicked out of school for being “a danger to others”. Imagine making a mistake as a child, and then going to school the next day to find out they don’t want you there, it happens more often than you think.

The most undesirable aspect of a child charged for a criminal offence is the affect on his or her career & education. The effects of an underage DUI can lead to the loss of scholarships for college, denial of financial aid, and even expulsion or charges of perjury for campus if you with-hold information. Everything you do in life carries a consequence, when you are a child, your choices can change your life forever, always think twice before doing something that may seem “stupid” or just plain wrong.

How a lawyer can help

Hiring a lawyer for juvenile charges/expungement or for young adults especially is crucial. Juveniles can face a whole hoast of time consuming and extremely expensive consequences for their actions. Community service, fines & fees, weekly probation visits with random home checks, strict curfew, suspended licenses (regardless of job or school schedule), mandatory family counseling or psychology visits, even time in a Juvenile Detention Center are all potential consequences for a juvenile. All of these things are highly expensive and can hinder the child’s well-being or even affect their schooling. These are some of the reasons why it is crucial to hire an experienced, professional attorney who is familiar with the juvenile court system. One of the most important is the ability to expunge or seal a juvenile’s record after they turn 18.

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