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Technology Tells No Lies

Technology Tells No Lies

Our fast-paced society loves gadgets, we have wireless music players, light-up T-shirts, computers that fit in your pocket, and the newest trend is the wearable technology. Items like the Fitbit are bracelets that track your running, heart rate, and they even map out your daily routines. These items are great in some ways, but are not so great for the same reasons. The Fitbit tracks your every move, every step you take is counted and everywhere you go is recorded. These items can be introduced as evidence in a criminal prosecution to either benefit, or hinder you. Just recently, a florida woman who was staying in her bosses vacation home up north when she called the police, claiming she was raped. The woman said she was sleeping when a “man in boots” held her at knife-point. The police started a manhunt but were puzzled when they didn’t find any tracks in the snow. They noticed her Fitbit and after getting consent to search her account from a computer, they found out she was not sleeping when she claimed to be, and was actually wandering around for most of the night. Now this woman is facing multiple charges for lying to the police.

The Fitbit is not all bad, that GPS can save you from a wrongful arrest if you are accused of a crime you did not commit. The Fitbit can also help you in extreme situations, like if you have gotten lost or even kidnapped, someone can access your Fitbit to find you. Remember though that the woman could have avoided this situation if she didn’t consent to search, or didn’t call police in the first place but we won’t talk about that.

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