Who will be held liable for Jeffrey Epstein’s death?

Donald Trump would say he was a great man, Bill Clinton would consider him a polished pimp but the rest of the world most likely sees him as nothing more than a deranged pedophile. Regardless, will anyone be held liable for Epstein’s death?

The guards of the special suicide wing at the Metropolitan Correction Center (MCC) were tasked with the sole responsibility of watching over Epstein after an earlier suicide attempt caused him to be temporarily transferred to their unit. However, after failing to perform their 30 minute security checks which are not only required but are also very crucial to the wellbeing of suicidal inmates, these guards may inevitably be held liable for Epstein’s death.

Naturally, as an extremely well known child sex trafficker connected to some of the most powerful people in the world, theories of criminal conspiracy come into question as well. As a result, the sole liability of his death being placed on those inattentive prison guards becomes even more unlikely.

The bottom line is, most of us have either known someone who was suicidal or who have committed suicide and when a person truly wants to end their own life they will find a way but we as a society are taught to help those suffering from mental illness. However, in the case of Jeffrey Epstein a once convicted and now repeat pedophile, this outcome may have been the best society could’ve hoped for.

John F. McGuire, Esq.

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