Pasco County Jail Has a Drug Problem

Pasco County Jail has witnessed six drug overdoses so far this  year, there may have been more, we don’t know.  I can confirm the five who overdosed in February,  How does this happen?  Chris Nocco wants to place the blame on prisoners smuggling drugs into the jail but that doesn’t seem plausible considering every inmate has to go through a body scan upon entering and exiting the jail facility.  The body scan is thorough and examines every crook and crevice of the human body so that just doesn’t seem plausible.

Nocco stated back in February, “We’re always trying to get better even on your best days, you can get better,” the sheriff said. “These individuals made a choice. They made a choice to take these drugs that can never be lost in this situation.”

But the sheriff added, “in my belief, this person led to the death of this individual,” referring to the inmate who allegedly smuggled in the drugs.

That’s convenient but again not very plausible.  The only conclusion I can draw from this is that the drugs are coming into the Pasco jail through an employee.  Note that no employee undergoes a body scan like the inmates do upon entering or exiting the facility.

Furthermore, a confidential informant who used to work at the jail had complained that there were 10,000 pills missing from the infirmary.  Her complaints went without investigation.

It’s clear to me that Pasco County jail is a haven for drug use and abuse.  It would be easy and convenient to blame this on the inmates but the body scan makes that pretty much impossible.  The Sheriff’s Department employees must be bringing drugs into the jail.  It’s the only possible conclusion I can draw from what I’ve been told.

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